Holiday Intrusion

He binds me in red ribbons and says my safe word is ‘mistletoe.’ 

On Christmas Eve, a masked Alpha breaks into my home.
He’s been stalking me, he says. Following my every move. He knows everything about me—how high my mortgage is, how little I earn at my soul-destroying customer service job. What kind of shameful secrets I keep in my nightstand.
How lonely I am.

So, he gives me an offer I can’t refuse:
Submit to him for one night, and he’ll pay off my home.
After all, what’s one night of painful pleasure for longterm financial security?

But I should have known never to trust an obsessed Alpha. Should have known that agreeing to his arrangement would only make him demand so much more than a single night of my reluctant submission.
He bought my body. He won’t stop until he claims my heart, too.

Holiday Intrusion is a dark, standalone romance set in the world of Alpha Ties.

Note: This Christmas tale is darker than your average fare. Exclusively for readers who like their eggnog with a side of rough dominance and (woefully inadequate) girth training…

Trigger warnings: dubious consent, home invasion, coerced pregnancy, captivity, painful sex, manipulative relationship.

PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-1-913924-29-4

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