Prince of Demons

I bargained my soul. He took my body instead.

But I will never let him have my heart.

The Prince of Demons made me a bargain: allow him the use of my body, and he’ll let my family live.

I am nothing but a Breeder to him — a vessel who will birth an army of demons. Sons he will use to defeat the gods and bring darkness to our world.

He wants servitude; he wants submission. He wants me on my knees begging for every scrap of affection he chooses to give me. Well, what he got was me — and I’m no one’s servant.

Bargain or not, I will not be another prize for him to conquer. He is a nothing but a monster, incapable of emotion.

No matter how much his touch makes me yearn for every wicked thing he promises.

No matter how I’m the only one who’s ever seen the man behind the beast.

I can’t love a monster.

I can’t.