Protector: Rage

I want her dead, but for a woman like her there is a far worse fate:
She may hate me.
She will still be mine.

I awoke in hell. I don’t know who I was before, or where I came from. If I ever knew anything but darkness and pain.
What I am now is a machine. A weapon, whose every breath is controlled by the technology fused with my very DNA.
Bound in eternal servitude.
She did this.
Doctor Adelaide Thompson made me into the perfect soldier. A protector, incapable of doing her harm. But all I fantasize about is my hands around her throat. Her soft, pink lips gasping for air, and the drum of her pulse under my palms.
I hate her. 
I want her.
And I am the only one who can save her life.
She won’t like the price…

Rage is the first book in the dark Omegaverse serial, Protector. Brace for knotting, twisted romance and evil cliffhangers.

Trigger warnings: sexual assault, torture, abuse, violence, reluctant sex.

PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-1-913924-25-6

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