Protector: Treachery

Protector part II

I created him. Put him back together when he was nothing but ripped muscle and snapped bones.
I made him stronger. Faster. Lethal. I molded him into a weapon. And for three years, I controlled his every breath.
He hates me for it.
I hate him, too.
When I was weak and desperate and thought I would die, he was the one who came for me.
He claimed my freedom to save my life, and I am no longer the one in control.
Now, he is my unwilling protector, and I…
I am his unwilling mate.

For readers who like their book boyfriends to be rough, dominant marshmallow alpha males, their heroines with an iron spine, and their smut angsty.

NB: This is part 2 of Nora’s Protector serial. Make sure you read part 1 – Protector: Rage –  first.

PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-1-913924-26-3

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