Planned Releases

I get a lot of requests for updates on when which series will be continued, and which book is next.
Here you can see an up-to-date list over all my planned releases. Please keep in mind that dates are always subject to change – and often do!


May 02

Protector: Rage (with audio)
(Protector: Part 1)

May 02

Protector: Treachery (with audio)
(Protector: Part 2)

June 06

Protector: Bound (with audio)
(Alpha Ties 3)

October 03

Prince of Demons (with audio)
(Demon’s Mark 2)


Secret Holiday Project





Planned series continuations without current date estimations

Demon’s Mark 3
(Demon’s Mark 3)

(Made & Broken 4)

Debt of Bones
(Ancient Blood 2)