I’m so, SO excited to share my Ream with you!
It’s like Patreon, but built for books, and it’s going to allow me to share my stories with you much sooner than I otherwise could.
If you want access to my stories as I write them, you definitely need to join CLUB ASH.

Right now, I’m uploading chapters for my dark Christmas story, and oh dear God… This alpha’s a dirty talker!


On Christmas Eve, a masked stranger breaks into my home.
He ties me up with red ribbons.
And tells me my safe word is ‘mistletoe’.

(You can read the first three chapters for free by going here)

Three reasons why I’m doing a (non)Patreon:

1. It’s a lot of fun for me. I first started out writing fanfic, and I LOVED the instant gratification of posting chapters as I wrote them, and getting immediate feedback.

2. I publish books so slowly, it’s often easy for me to feel disconnected from you guys. It’s frequently a year+ of me typing away at a story (at snail pace…) and not knowing how you’ll like it until launch day. I wanna write books FOR you, and it’s easier for me to do that if you’re along for the ride!

3. If you’re buying my books or borrowing them from your library, that’s everything I ever hoped for as an author. Seriously, thank you.
If you’re looking for more and earlier content from me, then Ream is a way I can make that happen (while keeping the cats in the lifestyle with which they’ve become accustomed!)

And all that said: you absolute do not have to join Ream to keep reading my books! I will continue to launch them as I have been. Club Ash is only for you if you want that early, exclusive access.
But I hope to see you there!

– Love,
Nora 🖤

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