Holiday Intrusion: New Release

Smutty & Dark Christmas Omegaverse Set in the the Alpha Ties world that brought us Alpha, Feral, and Protector, Holiday Intrusion is a dark, gritty and super smutty holiday romance I’ve been dying to share with you! What you’ll find inside: 🖤 Stalker alpha🖤 Fated mates🖤 Girth training🖤 Morally grey H🖤 Size kink/too big …And[…]


I’m so, SO excited to share my Ream with you!It’s like Patreon, but built for books, and it’s going to allow me to share my stories with you much sooner than I otherwise could.If you want access to my stories as I write them, you definitely need to join CLUB ASH. Right now, I’m uploading[…]

Protector: Rage & Treachery – New Release

They’re here! Part 1 & 2 of my newest Omegaverse serial has finally landed, and Oh My God! It’s such a damn joy to share Addie and AX2 with you. I want her dead, but for a woman like her there is a far worse fate:She may hate me.She will still be mine. I awoke in hell.[…]

Demon’s Mark – Paperback & Audio Release

You’ve only been asking for 8 years, and voila! Here it is. Demon’s Mark is now available in paperback! You can pick it up online from places such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.You can also order it home from your favorite brick-and-mortar bookshop – and if you have one in your area, you definitely[…]

Demon’s Mark – Early Audiobook Release

Aaaah! My Demon’s Mark Audiobook is out!I’m doing an early pre-release exclusively through my PayHip store, and it launches TODAY! GRAB the Demon’s Mark audiobook within the next two weeks and you’ll get it at a whopping 33% off its retail launch price. Audiobooks are expensive (I know the struggle well!) so this is my[…]

Betraying Destiny – audio Release

Even Gods Can’t Escape Destiny Tantor just released the epic trilogy conclusion to my Norse Reverse Harem Omegaverse, and oh my godlings!I say epic, partly because Melissa Moran made me tear up with her performance more than once, and partly because Sean William Doyle heroically narrated an hour’s worth of 5-way between Annabel and her[…]

Trouble – Audio Release

Holy FIlthy mafia Ménage! NSFW! Headphones mandatory! The Made & Broken series is now complete in audio! I am completely obsessed with Shane East’s bad boy cockney accent. If you’ve listened to Dangerous and Monster, (book 1 and 2 in my dark mafia romance series) you already know how sexy-growly Shane gets when he voices[…]

Feral – New Release

My Bestselling Omegaverse Romance – Now As a FULL-lENGTH Novel! If you’ve read Alpha, you’ll remember test Subject 351 – the death row prisoner forced into governmental experimentation. Feral is dark, gritty and intensely sexual. It features themes of abuse and dubious/non-consent, and you’ll need to bring your comfort blanket and a mug of hot[…]

Free Book: Ragnarök Rising

To celebrate Betraying Destiny‘s release and the completion of The Omega Prophecy trilogy, you can now grab book one of my sexy Viking Omegaverse series entirely free. Yay! Get it from your usual ebook store: APPLE BOOKS | KOBO | NOOK | GOOGLE PLAY | AMAZON | SMASHWORDS Betraying Destiny Paperback Speaking of Betraying Destiny[…]

Betraying Destiny – New release

The Omega prophecy is Complete I finished a thing!!! And what a thing it is. Betraying Destiny is the final book in my reverse harem/omegaverse trilogy following Annabel Turner’s adventures after getting sucked into Norse mythology – and her romance with the five (yes, five) Viking gods determined to claim her as theirs. In the[…]

The Omega Prophecy Cover Update

My Omega Prophecy trilogy is getting new ebook covers! Whilst preparing for Betraying Destiny’s release (AKA typing frantically away at my keyboard), I also managed to take some time out to harass my amazing cover artist for new covers. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the old ones, and they’ll remain the covers for[…]


You can now buy most of my audiobooks (all of them except The Omega Prophecy so far) directly through me via PayHip, and listen to them in your Bookfunnel app! I know audiobooks are hella expensive to buy, and they’re butt-clenchingly costly to produce as well, so I wanted to add an option to ease[…]