Prince of Demons Update

2020 was a year for all of us.

For me, it’s meant a lot of struggles with energy management, writing and hitting deadlines (as I’m sure a lot of you are aware…) – and it’s with much regret that I have had to push Prince of Demons back to Q4 of 2021.

I’ve made this decision so I can focus on Betraying Destiny (due to release June 2021) and hopefully not blow another deadline. If I kept working on Prince, I would 100% miss Betraying’s deadline too.
Ideally, this means (writing- and alpha gods willing!) that I will get Betraying Destiny into your hands on time, and Prince of Demons will be ready to give you one hell of a Halloween!

Thanks so much for all your love and patience.


Comment Section

  • We will wait on puns and needles for them both and thank our luck stars that we have you to write such wonderful, captivating stories just for us. 😏💖

  • If I had to wait 10 years, it would still be worth it. You are an amazing author and I can’t wait for more from you! It’s well worth the wait, and I am so thankful for you updating your fanbase, a lot of authors don’t do that, and a deadline comes and goes without news, and it makes people wonder a bit about..why. So thank you so much for this update, we don’t need to know personal info from authors, we just appreciate an update on the comings and goings.
    As fans, we enjoy the books and a series is ofc. even more enjoyable when it’s complete – but until Q4 I will be re-reading so I don’t forget where we left off! 😀

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