The Omega Prophecy Cover Update

My Omega Prophecy trilogy is getting new ebook covers!

Whilst preparing for Betraying Destiny’s release (AKA typing frantically away at my keyboard), I also managed to take some time out to harass my amazing cover artist for new covers.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the old ones, and they’ll remain the covers for the paperbacks, but I was looking at my catalog and… Yeah, these three just seemed to be missing a certain something. (Abs. They lacked abs.)


Not bad, eh?

(AKA what you probably care more about)

I’m still aiming for end of this month/very start of August, so it’s ALMOST here! And I can’t wait to give you the conclusion to Annabel’s story! Aaaahhh!

Anyway, I have a book to finish so… I best get off ze interwebs. Speak to you later in the month!😘


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