Feral – New Release

Bestselling Omegaverse Romance - Feral by Nora Ash

My Bestselling Omegaverse Romance – Now As a FULL-lENGTH Novel!

If you’ve read Alpha, you’ll remember test Subject 351 – the death row prisoner forced into governmental experimentation.

Feral is dark, gritty and intensely sexual. It features themes of abuse and dubious/non-consent, and you’ll need to bring your comfort blanket and a mug of hot chocolate to get through this one. But I promise, it’s worth it, because 351… Oh, 351! He is such a perfect alpha: protective and gentle – so long as his mate accepts his dominance.
This is my bestselling Omegaverse romance for a reason!


I never wanted a mate
But I was put in chains
Strapped down
And claimed

I always believed I could analyze any situation until I found a solution. Solve any problem if I just applied my brain.
I went to university, studied science and told myself my academic cocoon would protect me from the alphas dominating our society.
I was wrong.

No textbook prepared me for my meeting with test subject 351.
The biggest, scariest alpha on death row, hauled into my lab to uncover how to control the beast of a man. How to make him submit.
Mold him into a weapon.
But there is no controlling the feral alpha, and no logic strong enough to save my mind once he unleashes his fury on my body.

Once he claims me.

Get Feral Now

If you’re looking for a paperback copy, you can order it home from your favorite bookshop. To do so, you’ll need the ISBN, which is: 978-1-913924-13-3

And don’t forget to look out for the audiobook, which features the delectible Jason Clarke as 351!

*Feral has been previously published as a novella serial under the same name. If you have already read this story, there is no need to get the new book! The only difference is the swanky new cover.

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