Demon’s Mark – Early Audiobook Release

Aaaah! My Demon’s Mark Audiobook is out!
I’m doing an early pre-release exclusively through my PayHip store, and it launches TODAY!

GRAB the Demon’s Mark audiobook within the next two weeks and you’ll get it at a whopping 33% off its retail launch price.

Audiobooks are expensive (I know the struggle well!) so this is my thank you for supporting me by buying direct from my own shop.

Demon’s Mark is narrated by Stella Hunter and Jason effing Clarke(!!!), and I’ve been fangirling ever since they sent me the recording. Holy balls, they’re good! There’s a reason these two are so well-loved by listeners.

Here’s a sneak-peak at Jason’s performance as Lord Protector Kain. NSFW!


PS: If you’re more of an eyeball reader, you can get the ebook of Demon’s Mark HERE.

Comment Section

    • So glad you loved Demon’s Mark!
      Prince of Demons is currently scheduled for October 2nd, but I’ve had so much trouble with this one, so I’m hesitant to set a release date in stone just yet.

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