Demon’s Mark – Paperback & Audio Release

You’ve only been asking for 8 years, and voila! Here it is. Demon’s Mark is now available in paperback!

Demon's Mark paperback by Nora Ash

You can pick it up online from places such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
You can also order it home from your favorite brick-and-mortar bookshop – and if you have one in your area, you definitely should! You’ll need to give them the ISBN, which is: 978-1-913924-18-8.

The Demon’s Mark paperback can also be found in most libraries across the globe (and how cool is that??) Just ask your librarian if they would stock it for you.

The Audiobook

Narrated by Jason Clarke and Stella hunter, and 100% Super-uber growly perfection!*

Demon’s Mark is 11 hours of demonic, high-heat paranormal romance, and if you like your listens dark but intensely satisfying, then this one’s definitely for you!


PS: If you get a copy, please do tag me on social media! I love seeing my words in the hands of real-life readers! ❤️

*Quote by the amazing blondiereads_alphas

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